TraffickingFree Zones:

Demolishing the Demand
To Purchase Sex-Trafficked Victims

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The TraffickingFree Zone program helps establish a holistic approach to ending the demand for sexual exploitation. The program is a multi-sector partnership involving law enforcement, government, businesses, schools and community-based organizations.

Why Participate?

Your friends and neighbors are joining the TraffickingFree Zone program because they are no longer willing to sit back and allow our nation’s children to be exploited at an ever increasing, alarming rate. They are no longer willing to accept the fact that the most vulnerable members of our communities are having their innocence ripped from them for a predator’s momentary pleasure. They are choosing to take a stand, using the best practices from around the world, against sexual predators. Instead of living in fear, they are living in confidence that they are doing their part to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.

We all recognize that more must be done, yet the human sex trafficking industry is so large and so dark, it’s easy to feel like we can’t make a difference. In truth, working independently, the difference we can make is limited. For years, incredible people and organizations have worked diligently and in a large part independently to try to eradicate sex trafficking from their communities, but true and lasting change occurs when we come together and combine our efforts.

Join the Movement

Whether you join the TraffickingFree Zone as an individual, business, law enforcement, church goer or community leader – you will make a difference. You’ll be joining forces with one of the largest anti-sex trafficking movements in the world, and that’s something to be proud of.

– TraffickingFree Zone Partners –

Are You Seeking Help?

Whether you are a victim of human trafficking or are seeking to escape the impulse of purchasing sex, we can help you today.